Advantages of the all-on-4™ treatment

May 3, 2017 | Blog | 0 comments

Every day more and more patients come to our hospitals to ask for the all-on-4™ treatment

It’s not at all unusual nowadays for us here in our dental clinic to hear or read about how these new-type dental implants are one of the best solutions since traditional dentures.

With the same anaesthesia we use in other surgeries, and an operation lasting under two hours, our patient will be able to smile confidently the very same day! Having to visit your dentist for the pieces of your prosthesis to be added bit by bit is already a thing of the past: it will be finished in a matter of hours.

Via a secured anchoring method of four to six implants, the ALL-ON-4™ treatment reduces the chances of needing a bone graft; also, it’s cheaper and way more comfortable.

To manufacture these implants we use titanium, a bio-compatible, anti-allergy and aesthetically pleasing material that grafts easily into the jaw bone. Another benefit is that bone atrophy is warded off, unlike with the old removable prostheses.

Where it’s due to loss of teeth or to old age or periodontal diseases, we recommend this kind of solution, in both its removable and non-removable versions.

Thanks to ALL-ON-4™, we can see how our clients recover their self-esteem, with improvement both in quality of life and in dentures. They can eat whatever they want again, they can munch on food without worrying and talk, and problems over appearance will disappear forever.

Visit our clinic in Las Palmas de Gran Canarias and we will study your case so your oral health can cease to be a problem in your daily life, and you can start smiling again.

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Elena Adalia

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