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We only have one opportunity to give a first impression, and there are studies that claim that a person’s smile is one of the outstanding main features that is remembered. Scientists say that smiling is contagious and makes it very hard not to smile when someone smiles at us. There are studies that claim that a smile contributes to good health, decreasing stress and strengthening the immune system. The power of a smile is amazing, as is the ease with which we can improve and perfect our best attribute.

At the Adalia Dental Clinic we have a DENTAL AESTHETICS Unit for you. Our main goal is to make you smile again.

A smile has a psychological influence on other people and the main objective in aesthetic dentistry should be to achieve a balanced smile. The shape of the teeth, their colour and their position are key elements, but we must not forget that the soft tissues and the symmetry and general harmony of the face should be the most important.

Nowadays, with small changes in the patient’s teeth, we can reduce the sunken skin around the mouth and give an appearance of fuller and smoother lips, reducing the dreaded “barcode”.

Over the years, the teeth move in a natural way, changing the appearance and shape of our face frequently. Wrinkles appear and the skin around our mouth tends to sag, giving us a rather grumpy look. This is often due to changes inside our mouth.

There are many people who opt for cosmetic surgery to correct this situation; however, the mere thought of the scalpel or the cost of an operation of this type can put them off.

Our experience at the Adalia Dental Clinic in Las Palmas is that, nowadays, aesthetic dentistry can be a safe and much less expensive alternative. Dr. Elena Adalia has been able to observe that by using composite or porcelain veneers on natural teeth, and crowns on the worn rear teeth, surprisingly good effects are obtained, filling the face out, minimising wrinkles around the mouth, reducing the sunken parts around the jaw and giving the lips a fuller and brighter look.

According to the Web Faceliftdentistry there are ten clear signs that mark when a patient needs a dental aesthetic treatment:

  1. When you’re not smiling, you look like an angry person.
  2. Your teeth have shrunk and yellowed.
  3. You start to articulate speech incorrectly.
  4. When you’re talking, only the bottom teeth are visible.
  5. Your chin has shrunk.
  6. You start thinking about facial surgery.
  7. You have just undergone facial surgery.
  8. You want to keep your teeth.
  9. When eating, you don’t chew or you don’t chew properly, and you have to make an extra effort.
  10. Your bite is unsatisfactory because your teeth don’t close together properly.
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Oral and aesthetic rehabilitation

Oral and aesthetic rehabilitation is a dental speciality that consists of replacing those teeth that have deteriorated or been lost for different reasons. Teeth lost by accident, stains on teeth from tobacco or tetracyclines, wear or fractures of the teeth (bruxism), diastema (when the separation between two teeth is excessive,) and even change in shape and colour of the tooth.

In the Adalia Dental Clinicwe use the most advanced materials, such as zirconium, to achieve the closest possible resemblance to the original teeth so you can smile with no worries. We take maximum care over the creation of fixed, removable or mixed dental prostheses in all their aesthetic and adaptive mechanical features.

To do this, we use the following techniques:

  1. Porcelain or composite veneers, the greatest achievement in aesthetic dentistry; it is the dentist who should advise on the best option in each case.
  2. Dental whitening treatments.
  3. Crown lengthening.
  4. Covers, dental prostheses anddental implants (the latter are the best solution we have today for oral rehabilitation.)

Veneers are part of a restorative dental procedure aimed at masking the visible surface of the tooth in order to correct aesthetic or pathological problems of the teeth caused by dental caries, previous restorations, fractures, colour changes or alterations of the dental shape.

In this way, we perform a kind of sculpture on the tooth, modelling its shape and adding the parts lost by wear or through fractures, while whitening the colour of the teeth, providing a fair balance between opacity, translucence, colour, shape and texture.

Veneers represent one of the most important achievements in aesthetic dentistry. They are the secret of the perfect smiles we see on television and in the cinema. They can be porcelain or composite; it is the dentist who should advise you on the best option in each case.

  1. Composite veneers are applied to the surface of the teeth with a brush and spatula using a stratification technique, in very thin overlaid layers; normally a single session is enough.
  2. Porcelain veneers are custom-made in the laboratory on a mould taken of the patient’s mouth. The result is a very natural appearance and very strong. The only notable difference is that they take two sessions to put in place: one to take the measurements and the second to adapt and put the veneers in place.

The final result of a mouth with veneers is undetectable. Actually, the only difference will be the whiteness and perfection of the smile. At last we will have the smile we wanted: a Hollywood smile.


When we talk about teeth whitening treatments, we are referring to a dental aesthetic procedure aimed at eliminating dentine and enamel stains. It is a simple, non-invasive, very quick and painless treatment, the results of which, when carried out by a good professional in Las Palmas Dental Aesthetics, are spectacular. The advantagesare many: your teeth will be much more attractive since the colour of the teeth lightens at least three shades. In addition, the process does not eliminate the dental tissue, it does not damage the enamel (it can be confirmed that it is an effective and safe treatment), it will not lead to sensitive teeth, it does not damage the vital tissues of the teeth and the results are produced immediately.

As we age our teeth begin to darken. The process can be much faster if we have drinks such as coffee, red wine, tea, and foods with a high content of dyes; if we smoke; tartar, fillings and cavities can also contribute; certain medications (tetracyclines) or diseases.

To improve the appearance of our teeth, a periodic visit to our trusted dentist is needed to eliminate accumulated tartar and prevent cavities. Brushing your teeth regularly, not smoking and reducing the intake of food and drinks containing dyes can help.

We must take special care with whitening toothpastes because they are very abrasive and although they sometimes help to eliminate very superficial stains on our teeth, they do not alter the tone of the tooth.

The safest thing for your teeth is to see your dentist. Once a series of factors such as the colour of your skin and the particular characteristics of your teeth have been studied, you will be advised on the best and most effective method of tooth whitening for your particular case. The specialists may also advise you, if they consider it necessary, to replace certain fillings or metal crowns with others that are the natural colour of the teeth or contemplate solutions, such as dental veneers, since there are differences between those teeth that over the years have been spotted and those that have orange brown stains caused by antibiotics like tetracyclines, or spots that have been produced by some trauma.

Remember that the fillings or other materials adhered to our teeth will not be bleached, so in these cases, dental veneers and covers will be much more effective.

In the case of having dull coloured teeth, there are very good results to be had by following a specific treatment for this type of teeth.

At the Adalia Dental Clinic, we always customise the teeth whitening technique, adapting it to each patient to obtain the best results. We use the most advanced technology to achieve effective and safe tooth whitening, which brings back a beautiful and radiant smile.

There are people who believe that having missing teeth is not very important. However, there are several consequences of this condition, from aesthetic disorders to partial or total loss of oral function. Therefore, it is not just a question of whitening or carrying out a thorough dental cleaning; you may have to consider visiting our Implantology and Oral Surgery Unit.

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