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Dentures have traditionally been one of the best solutions in the fight against the loss of teeth. But times change and technology never ever stops improving. Just as today we would find it hard to drive a car without power steering, we now also have better solutions for our oral health such, as All-on-4 dental implants. Solutions that alter our quality of life and make those old uncomfortable devices a thing of the past.

Traditional dentures mean you will have to use adhesives, that there will be unexpected movements that may inhibit us in our social relationships, and discomfort. Not only do they create problems for our self-esteem, but they can also influence what things taste like and the way we enjoy our food. And not forgetting the fact that we have to add glue due to a constant loss of bone density.

Currently, dental implants are the most advanced solutions for tooth loss.

Nowadays they are the most successful and trustworthy solution. And the basic theory of putting an implant in place is quite simple: a small screw takes the role of what was the dental root and becomes the base for the new porcelain tooth. Those screws are surgically implanted in the jaw bone and since they are made of titanium, a light, resistant and bio-compatible material, they fuse naturally with the bone after a few months.

With dental implants, you see life from a different angle, and it’s nothing but advantages. Dental implants help patients eat whatever they want with confidence, they can eat meat or fruit without problems, and so they can eat more healthily. This also preserves the jaw bone and thus keeps the face young-looking, improving pronunciation and helping self-esteem and communication.


All-on-4 is the most advanced and efficient solution in the field of dental implants.

With this treatment we can change all the teeth of an arch with only four implants. The frontal implants are slightly angled, so they can be anchored into bone which is of better quality and available ingreater quantity, to guarantee that bone grafting is not necessary. In the dental clinic Clínica Dental Adalia we perform this computer-guided and computer-planned surgery, meaning we can put the prosthesis in place on the same day as the surgery. So treatment takes less time and fewer visits are needed: no wait, no pain.

“Dr Elena Adalia, Director of the Clínica Dental Adalia”

(Article published on May 17th, 2015 in the newspaper Canarias7)

Dental implants: All-on-4, the most advanced solution for denture users
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Elena Adalia

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