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In the last decade, technology in the field of dentistry has advanced by leaps and bounds. And just as the insertion of an implant to replace a missing tooth is the order of the day, it is also possible to change the entire arch of the mouth, both upper and lower, in a single session, using minimally invasive computer-guided surgery.

This method, called ALL-ON-4 ™, is ideal for patients who have lost their teeth due to age or periodontal disease, and provides them with an effective and reliable solution. It is based, depending on the case, on four or six implants that support a complete prosthesis with immediate loading.
It is a traditional type denture, but technologically much more advanced. It can be fixed or removable and is practically the same as natural teeth, but being anchored by means of titanium implants to the bones of our jawbone, it prevents the bone atrophy associated with traditional removable prostheses.

Complete prosthesis on implants requires a very precise study and diagnostic process, and very detailed treatment planning. But once this theoretical work is done, the patient can come to the dental clinic with their problem and leave after a few hours with a perfect set of dentures; they will be fully working immediately, without a traumatic postoperative period, and the patient will be ready to try out their new teeth. Not only are there no doubts about its benefits, but also its price is much more affordable than alternative treatments.

This solution minimises the amount of bone needed by allowing rear implants to be attached to the forward bone, where bone density is greater, at a customised angle such that it makes it possible to lengthen the size of the implants, offering optimal safe support to the prosthesis, helping to eliminate the need for bone grafts.

With dental implants, you see life from a different angle, and it’s nothing but advantages. Among other things, they help you to keep to a healthy diet and to chew safely – to be able to eat everything that is necessary, from a piece of fruit to a good piece of meat; they help you preserve your jaw bone, maintaining a younger appearance, to pronounce better and therefore improve communication and personal safety.


The ALL-ON-4 ™ treatment concept is a cost-effective, non-graft solution that provides patients with a fixed full-arch prosthesis on the same day of surgery.

By tilting the two rear implants, contact between the bone and the implant is improved, offering optimised bone support, even with minimum bone volume. In addition, the inclination of the implants in the jawbone allows better anchorage in the forward bone of higher quality.


What are the benefits of ALL-ON-4 ™ treatment?

The most important of all is that, with a very low number of dental implants, we can equip the patient with a fixed prosthesis on the same day. In this way, the treatment will improve the quality of life of the patient with instant improvement in chewing, speech and dental aesthetics.

What type of anaesthesia is applied at the time of surgery?

There is no difference from other types of surgery. The same anaesthesia that is used in any other surgery will be applied and the patient will be fully conscious although at the end there will be no exact memory of the length of time of the surgery or of the surgery itself. Operating time is more or less two hours.

What advantages does it have compared to the conventional technique for dental implants?

Many, from a much faster recovery to a secure anchoring method that makes bone grafts, in most cases, unnecessary. Finally, as it is a simpler treatment, it is shorter and, therefore, more comfortable and cheaper.

Are there any contraindications regarding age?

Each case is unique and although in general terms there are none, your dentist in Las Palmas will have to analyse your case in order to offer you their criteria.

Is it possible to carry out the ALL-ON-4 ™ treatment if you suffer from periodontal disease?

It is possible. With ALL-ON-4 ™, the patient will quickly recover the capacity to chew and their appearance, and they will gain in security.
Within the same treatment there are different options because we can choose between a fixed solution (this is the one that our clinic recommends) or a removable solution that we can put in or take out at any time.


  1. This is a diagnostic system aimed at prosthetics, treatment planning and guided surgery.
  2. Prefabrication of the provisional prosthesis before surgery.
  3. Restoration of arch with only four implants.
  4. These implants offer better support for the prosthesis because they reduce the cantilevers.
  5. Longer implants can be used in a minimum volume of bone.
  6. Less need for bone grafts.
  7. Definitive restoration with fixed or removable prosthetic solutions.
  8. Fixed provisional prostheses for immediate loading.
  9. Shorter times and greater patient satisfaction.
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