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At the Adalia Dental Clinic, the patient is our raison d’être and the focus of all our attention. So our philosophy is to make the very best use of all the human and technological resources that science makes available to us, and make your quality of life better, with shorter, effective and pleasant treatments over the lowest possible number of appointments.
This is why at the Adalia Dental Clinic we are in a constant process of bringing ourselves in line with the latest developments. Our scientific knowledge is perfected continuously, because only in this way can each one of our patients be given the treatment and the most suitable solution for their needs, combining cutting-edge technology and skilled hand-crafted perfection.You can get to know us better on our website, and find out about the different problems of oral health, how to prevent them and how to treat them.

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First visit:
Free diagnosis and treatment plan


Split treatment payment over 48 months, interest-free, or up to 60 months with bank finance


We have agreed special conditions
with numerous collectives
5% discount for payment in cash


Thank you very much for visiting our clinic. We have four fully equipped dental theatres, with cutting edge technology that includes a high definition projection system so that you can receive all the necessary information and relevant recommendations from our medical team in a comfortable fashion. I hope your visit is as comfortable as possible and that you let us know at all times what you need. Your smile matters to us.

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