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Complete prosthesis on dental implants

Nov 15, 2016 | Press | 0 comments


It’s not only about having a beautiful smile. Having a missing tooth is an issue that can’t be ignored. Collateral damage can vary, depending on the case, from the loss of self-esteem to being unable to follow a balanced diet.

In the last decade, technology in the field of dentistry has advanced by leaps and bounds. And just as you can put an implant in place of a real tooth, we can change an entire arch in one minimally invasive surgery session.


This method is known as ALL-ON-4™ and it’s ideal for patients who have lost teeth due to ageing or to periodontal illness. Depending on the case, we can use either 4 or 6 implants which will be the base of the prosthesis with immediate loading.

In other words: this is a technologically advanced prosthetic denture. It can be either removable or non-removable and the teeth look quite normal; however, since the prosthesis is anchored to the jaw bone with titanium, bone atrophy is avoided, unlike traditional removable dentures.

Placing an entire prosthesis over the implants requires a long process of accurate study and diagnosis, together with strict planning of the detailed treatment. But once this theoretical work is finished, the patient can go to the dental clinic and leave with a completely perfect set of teeth that work perfectly, without a painful post-operative period, and all ready to test out their new teeth. Not only are the benefits undoubtedly notable, but the price of this treatment is also much more affordable than other treatments.

This minimises the quantity of bone necessary, because it allows the rear implants to be fixed to the front bone, where bone density is higher. This is done by adding case by case angling to enable lengthening the implants, to offer an optimal base for the prosthesis; this makes it less likely that there will be need for bone grafting.

In addition to the benefits already explained, a complete prosthesis placed on implants has no need for adhesives. Irritation and inflammation of the gums are avoided and, even more importantly, the teeth feel natural and they don’t get in the way when eating or talking. This treatment will help regain the patient’s self-esteem and, above all, their ability to smile without feeling self-conscious.

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