Conservative Dentistry

Conservative dentistry is the speciality that is responsible for repairing the dental tissues affected by injuries that come from different causes (such as caries.)

The treatment consists of the elimination of the affected tissue and replacing it with biocompatible odontological materials. Bearing in mind the characteristics of the condition and the tooth affected, the specialist will assess what type of dental material will provide the right characteristics to improve appearance and capacity to chew. Whenever possible, the philosophy of the Adalia Dental Clinic is to preserve the original teeth and perform less invasive treatments.

Many diseases that affect the health of the mouth can be prevented and most can be treated. Regular visits to the dentist can prevent unnecessary loss of teeth, avoid pain, reduce expenses, preserve oral functions and improve the general state of health.

Prevention is the best treatment to avoid oral conditions. At the Adalia Dental Clinic, we pay maximum attention to giving advice to our patients and recommending how they can improve their oral health.

Through personalised patient follow-up, our staff will contact you and remind you of the need to carry out regular check-ups and appropriate disease prevention, allowing us to keep your mouth in perfect health and state of hygiene.


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