Dental Implants

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Dental Implants in Las Palmas

A dental implant is a piece of titanium in the shape of a screw, specially designed to be installed in the bone and artificially replace the root of a lost tooth. Dental implants are the ideal solution for replacing missing teeth.

After a variable period of time the tightest of bonds between bone and implant is produced, allowing the implants to become highly resistant anchors; this process is called osseointegration.

There are numerous commercial brands of implants on the market with very variable costs. At the Adalia Dental Clinic we offer the best quality implants, backed by long-term scientific studies. Before putting dental implants in place, the mouth must be healthy, with healthy mucous membranes, no infection foci, plaque or tartar.

In smokers the number of failures increases, because tobacco alters the vascularisation of bone and gums, jeopardising the osseointegration of implants.

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What advantages do dental implants offer?

  1. Artificial teeth set on implants are the closest thing to natural teeth from the aesthetic and functional point of view.
  2. Biologically they favour the bone, preventing its re-absorption.
  3. They cannot be distinguished (in daily use) from natural teeth, aesthetically and functionally.
  4. They improve confidence and self-esteem; a smile will not reveal strange hooks or structures.
  5. It is not necessary to place structures on the palate, which has positive effects on taste and pronunciation.
  6. Users efficiently recover the capacity to bite correctly.
  7. They are firmly fixed, they don’t get loose or move.
  8. With implants you can eat everything.
  9. They offer the possibility of replacing teeth fully and durably.
  10. They can replace one or several missing teeth.

When can dental implants be used?

In young or old people who have lost teeth for reasons such as caries, severe inflammation of the gum, or accidents. Dental implants are the logical alternative so as to recover aesthetically and to be able to chew properly again.

Is implantology painful?

It is generally performed under local anaesthesia, it is not painful and most patients are surprised at how simple the procedure is. They also consider it less annoying than most typical dental procedures.

What is the post-operative period like?

It depends on the complexity of the operation and the number of implants. In most cases, patients can continue their normal life the next day, with very little or no discomfort.

What happens if the implant fails to integrate into the bone?

Today there are long-term studies indicating a success rate of more than 96%. The possibility of failure is very low. If an implant fails in its osseointegration, usually another implant can be placed immediately in its place. Generally, this will be of a slightly larger diameter. If this were not possible, the area would be left to heal for 30-60 days and we would put another implant in the same place.

Smoking or poor oral hygiene habits can increase the risk of failure due to possible infection. Although it is true that with a selection of patients, success rates reach 99%, there is no doubt that there is a 1% failure rate even if all the protocols are rigorously carried out. This may be due to the quality of the bone. In fact, there are more failures in the upper jaw because the bone is usually less compact than the lower one.

Do dental implants look natural?

In most cases no one will notice the difference. When a tooth is lost it is important to replace it with an implant as soon as possible, this will significantly improve aesthetic features, will prevent the other teeth from moving and will allow us to enjoy our food, laugh openly and speak clearly, improving our self-esteem and personal safety.

How much does a dental implant cost?

The cost of an implant divides clearly into two distinct parts: that of the piece that replaces the root and that of the crowns or teeth that are placed onto the first part. Therefore, the cost is influenced by the number and brand of implants that are to be used. Crowns or teeth can also be made of different materials such as acrylics or zirconium porcelains, and their number and quality will influence both performance and budget.

At the Adalia Las Palmas Dental Clinic we recommend the best option in a clear and professional way, adapting to your case and offering several high quality alternatives.

As soon as you ask us for a quote, we will present you with a complete document with all the elements to be taken into account, from the diagnosis, the pieces chosen and their manufacture, the expenses of the operating room and even the check ups and replacement of the implant if osseointegration were not to be successful.


The main objective that we dentists have is to try to keep as many natural teeth in the patient’s mouth as possible. But on many occasions the very state of the tooth, or the total absence of a tooth, makes us look for permanent solutions. And the best solution we have today for oral rehabilitation are dental implants.

A dental implant is the perfect substitute for our natural tooth. Its material integrates and fuses perfectly with the bone of our mouth. And a piece is placed on that implant that can be exactly the same as the previous one, giving our smile that natural look that we all look for. And it’s not just about smiling: we’re talking about concepts that range from chewing and talking naturally, to regaining our personal confidence.

Of course, there are other types of solutions, such as bridges, in which we use the teeth on either side of the missing one to secure our new piece. This solution forces us to touch teeth that are in good condition and moves us away from our goal of trying to preserve our natural teeth. At the Adalia Dental Clinic in Las Palmas, we have the most advanced technology to fight with in this battle. Dr. Elena Adalia and a great team of professionals are on hand to choose the best possible solution for your oral rehabilitation.

In recent years, technology in the field of implants has advanced enormously. We now have computer programmes dedicated exclusively to planning the implants that are going to be given to a patient. The theory is very simple: with all the data obtained from the mouth of a patient, via x-rays and scans, a virtual mouth can be reconstructed for the patient in two and three dimensions. The operation in question is performed on this virtual reconstruction, calculating exactly where the incisions should be made to put the implants in place. Once the operation has been performed on the computer graphics, a custom template is created in which the exact position of the holes is shown and the depth to which they should be drilled.

Once the operation has been performed virtually, the patient sits down, the template with the marks is placed on their mouth and the real operation is carried out in a safe, fast and efficient way, since the study of all the possibilities and variables has already been done in front of the computer. This advance, among other things, allows us to have located the nerves and important anatomical structures that we must avoid and means the surgery can be minimally invasive – no gums have to be lifted and possibly even no stitching will be needed.

After a short operation, the patient returns home for a far from traumatic post-operative period, and with several implants perfectly placed. Computer-guided surgery is, therefore, the future of all Dental Clinics, an advance that provides patients with peace of mind and speed, and dental professionals with safety.

At present there are several computer programmes focusing on this field, the best-known being the Nobel Biocare company. A state-of-the-art piece of software that is very useful when simulating the placement of implants in the perfect position and that generates a customised template for the patient, even allowing us to have the prosthesis made before the day of surgery.

Leave your doubts behind. It’s the right moment to contact our Dental Clinic to find the best solution for your mouth.


Many patients with total or partial absence of teeth can benefit from these new techniques for implants and teeth with immediate functionality on the same day.

Thanks to these new techniques, extractions of damaged teeth and the insertion of dental implants and fixing in place of new teeth can be performed within 24 hours.

Immediate loading means dressing the dental implants, and loading them with the final prosthesis or a temporary one. That is, we put the dental implants to work immediately and they fuse into the bone under these conditions. This is possible as long as certain requirements are met and through rigorous study and planning.

In short, you can chew and smile freely on the day of your operation.

Advantages of implants and teeth in one day

  1. Time saving
  2. Speed and comfort
  3. Perfect planning
  4. Fixed teeth put in place in a single day
  5. Implants with immediate loading
  6. Highest precision
  7. Computer-made parts
  8. Computer-made materials
  9. Biocompatible, anti-allergic and highly aethetic materials
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