Instant dental implants

Apr 17, 2017 | Blog | 0 comments

Many patients missing some or all of their teeth can use this new technique that allows immediate loading after putting the implant in place.

Thanks to the new technique we can both extract the damaged teeth and put the implants in place in only 24 hours.

Immediate loading means that the dental implants will be immediately put in place and used as a base for the prosthesis without interfering with the patient’s life. In other words, we can work with the implants immediately and they will integrate into the bone under these conditions. This is only possible if certain requirements are met and with strict planning and thorough study of the case.

Benefits of having the implants and teeth put in place on the same day:

  • Time-saving
  • Speed and comfort
  • Perfect planning
  • Teeth put in place in a single day
  • Immediate loading on implants
  • Highest possible accuracy
  • Computer-manufactured pieces
  • Computer-manufactured materials
  • Bio-compatible, anti-allergy materials, of excellent appearance

To sum up, you’ll be able to chew and smile confidently on the same day as the surgery.

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Elena Adalia

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