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Invisalign Teen

Invisible orthodontics for adolescents

A proven orthodontic system in adults is now also available for young adolescents: Invisalign Teen. Until now, the only option available for young adolescents was traditional orthodontics based on metal braces.

Today there are many adolescents who opt for Invisalign Teen, an orthodontics solution without brackets or wires, simply using transparent aligners practically undetectable to the eye.

Many teens who need orthodontics to correct the position of their teeth are concerned about their appearance or how uncomfortable traditional braces may be.

Invisalign Teen is specially designed and adapted to the lifestyle of young people and teenagers.

What is the reason for the success of Invisalign Teen?

There are many aspects that we can highlight and that make the Invisalign Teen treatment so attractive to our younger patients.

These are removable transparent aligners that are removed to eat and to brush your teeth; they can also be removed for certain special moments and on a one-off basis, such as for special occasions or photography sessions.

It is a very comfortable system because not having to wear braces or wires that can dig into your gums or produce sores means you can do sport or play games, and the adaptation period is much shorter. From the point of view of dental hygiene, since the aligners are removable, teeth can be brushed without any difficulty.

Aesthetically speaking, as they are transparent, they are practically imperceptible and do not produce the possible rejection that traditional braces can produce.

In general terms you can treat any case of malocclusion – bite misalignment – such as open or crossed bite, crowding or overbite; the system has a programme that allows you to see the final smile on the first visit, in other words, what your smile will be like after the treatment.

The check-ups require a shorter time compared to the traditional method and there are no emergencies because there are no brackets or wires that can be detached or released.

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How long does the treatment take?

The treatment time varies depending on the complexity of each case and the discipline and constancy of the patient in the use of aligners; the treatment usually lasts between 14 and 24 months.

For the treatment to be effective, the young patient must wear the aligners or splints for 22 hours a day, and can take them off to eat and to brush their teeth. For both the orthodontist and parents to be able to check that the young patient is using the aligners for the right time, there are blue indicators that fade with use and tell us if the teenager is wearing the aligners for the recommended time.

Visits to the dentist to check the state of the teeth and the progression of the treatment are scheduled every four or six weeks and are of short duration, the progress of the treatment is compared through the programme, and the new aligners are delivered.

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