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In the ADALIA DENTAL CLINIC we have an Orthodontic Unit for you. Our main objective is to correct the position of the teeth to improve both appearance and capacity to chew.

The advantages of an orthodontic treatment go beyond aesthetic considerations. Crooked or overlapping teeth cause uneven wear of those teeth, making them more prone to decay and producing gum problems such as gingivitis, periodontitis or even causing jaw changes. Although the most common case is for orthodontic treatment to be needed during childhood and adolescence, there are more and more adults who decide to start the process.

The health of your teeth, gums and bone is the most determining factor in the results of an orthodontic treatment. A consultation with our specialist Dr. ELENA ADALIA is the best way to find out the benefits that treatment can provide.

Orthodontics has traditionally been a treatment associated with children and adolescents but as a result of the growing demand for a more attractive smile, new types of orthodontics have appeared which have less impact on appearance.

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In most cases, an adult who undergoes orthodontic treatment does so in order to improve their appearance. But orthodontics for adults is very different from orthodontics for children. The main reason is that adults’ bones are no longer growing. In addition, in the mouth of an adult there is likely to be loss of teeth or bone pieces, as well as crowns, implants, etc. The work needing to be done in the mouth so that the teeth are returned to their natural position can be slower than in the case of children.

Orthodontics corrects diastema problems (gapped teeth), overcrowded teeth pushing against each other, crooked teeth, crossbites, overbites and underbites.

In addition to traditional orthodontics with traditional metal braces, in the Adalia Dental Clinic we perform orthodontic treatments with self-ligating aesthetic braces. Braces of this type are the most popular with adults since they have a series of features such as colour, texture, transparency and excellent physical and technical properties so the orthodontic treatment is carried out accurately and quickly.

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We are specialists invisible orthodontics, Invisalign.

Until very recently, if we needed orthodontics, we had to settle for wearing those metal braces. However, the field of orthodonticshas evolved a lot since those years in which the only solution lay with this option; now there are much better techniques and materials which, while being in essence the same, correct problems in much less time and with less inconvenience. And one of the biggest and most striking advances is invisible orthodontics. With invisible orthodontics you will not need brackets or visible metallic elements so the visual impact is barely noticeable.

One of the best-known invisible orthodontic treatments is Invisalign. At the Adalia Dental Clinic we specialise in achieving the smile you always dreamed of without interfering with your daily life. The Invisalign treatment straightens the teeth by means of practically invisible and removable aligners, that are made to fit your teeth to ensure greater comfort. With a change of aligner set every two weeks, your teeth will move gradually, little by little and week after week, until they are in the final position. Invisalign is comfortable, transparent and removable.

Invisible orthodontics treatments are much more comfortable for the patient, and prevent sores and rubbing, which generate so much trouble for the inner part of the lips and the tongue itself with traditional orthodontics.

There are no longer problems over appearance, so this has always been a great option for people who, for whatever reason, could not appear in public with a mouth full of metal.

At the Adalia Dental Clinic we have opted for Invisalign and invisible orthodontics. We seek the comfort of our patients and have a firm belief in cutting-edge technology. Commitment-free consultation.

And we haven’t forgotten the younger ones.

It is recommendable for all children to have an orthodontic evaluation around the age of 7 or 8, since this is the time when the group of upper and lower incisors have grown in. Also, at this age, bone growth can be studied. Thus, dentists allow us to diagnose any problem in advance and avoid future problems.

The most normal practice is to start treatment when children have all the final teeth in their mouth, between the age of 11 and 13. At this age, it is easier to correct bone defects and poor dental positions so as to be able to show off beautiful adult teeth in the adult stage.

Regarding adolescents, Invisalign offers a series of treatment options for adolescents. The great advantage is that it is an aesthetic and more flexible way of giving teenagers the confidence of a good smile, so they can continue to enjoy life without limitations, discomfort or the inhibition of wearing metal devices and wires.

There are two types of orthodontic devices:

  • Removable
    These are “detachable” devices. They help us correct bone defects by taking advantage of growth, as well as dealing with the problem of ogival palate that subsequently causes a bad bite. Their use greatly conditions the results of the treatment: the more hours they are worn, the quicker and more obvious the correction will be.
  • Fixed:
    Known as brackets, these are devices that are cemented to each tooth. With this type of device, the position of each of the teeth is perfectly controlled, which helps us achieve a perfect occlusion. You can choose between metallic or porcelain.

Benefits of orthodontics for children

  1. Orthodontic treatment brings a positive influence on mandibular growth.
  2. It improves appearance and self-esteem.
  3. It corrects bad dental habits.
  4. It helps to improve speech problems.
  5. It harmonises the size of the dental arches by controlling the spaces for teeth that have not yet emerged, so that they grow properly.


At what age can an orthodontic treatment be performed?
Both children and adults can benefit from orthodontic treatment, although in adults the treatment may take somewhat longer.

Why might that be?
There are a variety of possible causes. The lack of occlusion can be genetic, or acquired by loss of teeth or trauma both in adulthood and in childhood.

How can this be corrected?
Treatment is adapted to each case after an exhaustive study. A device is built to suit your case and according to your aesthetic preferences. These devices are adjusted periodically to move the teeth into the desired shape.

How long does the treatment last?
The treatment lasts between 18 and 30 months, depending on the case. This depends on each person, their age, the seriousness of the problem and other factors such as the health of the patient’s teeth, gums and bones.

Are the braces uncomfortable?
The new techniques and materials that we use mean a significant reduction in the discomfort that the treatment entails. It is very important to follow the indications of the specialist in both food habits and oral hygiene.

Are there aesthetic braces?
Lately, a lot of progress has been made in this area and nowadays braces are much less noticeable. They can be metallic or white. Today, technology has driven the use of transparent aligners.

What is invisible orthodontics? What is Invisalign?
We recommend you visit our Invisible Orthodontics page.

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