Prosthesis on implants: a reality

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“What was once a dream is now a reality: We can now give you a fully functional set of teeth with just a few dental implants. We can change an entire arch in one single computer-guided and minimally invasive surgery session.”

Dr Elena Adalia. Head of the Clínica Dental Adalia

That is how Doctor Elena Adalia opened the article she shared with us, written in June of 2017 for the Canarias7 magazine.

Technology in the dentistry field has advanced by leaps and bounds

Nowadays replacing an entire dental arch is a complex task; it is recommended for patients who have lost their entire arch due to ageing or periodontal illness, and it offers an efficient and reliable solution to their situation.

After the surgery in which we will put either 4 or 6 implants in place, the patient’s quality of life will improve. The patient can once more smile with confidence, and goes back to their everyday life without difficulties in speaking or eating, quite naturally.

Placing an entire prosthesis over the implants calls for a very accurate process of study and diagnosis, and painstaking treatment planning. The prostheses are completely customised for each patient and they mimic perfectly the appearance and shape of the patient’s teeth; it’s almost impossible to spot which tooth is real and which one is prosthetic.

This is precisely the reason why we say that technology has taken a giant step forward in recent years thanks to zirconium. This ceramic material is almost as hard as a diamond, and brings a large number of benefits to the organism, with bio-compatibility guaranteed. What’s more, the results mimic the natural teeth perfectly, both in terms of texture and of colour. In short, the difference from the natural tooth is barely noticeable.

The advantages of a prosthesis: changing an entire arch with just a few implants

This minimises the quantity of bone necessary, because it allows the rear implants to be fixed to the front bone, where bone density is higher. This is done by adding case by case angling to enable lengthening the implants, to offer an optimal base for the prosthesis; this makes it less likely that there will be a need for bone grafting.

A complete prosthesis is the most advanced solution.

Fixed or removable prosthesis on implants

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