The maintenance of implants and its importance

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At the Clínica Dental Adalia, we’ll teach you the procedures and techniques needed to take care of both implants and gums.

A strict oral hygiene routine is an essential requirement if your dental implant is to provide both satisfaction and comfort for a long time.

When a permanent restoration has been completed, periodic check-ups are needed of your implant-based prosthesis. When you bite, there must be a perfect balance between the upper and lower teeth, so the implants don’t receive stress from some movements of the mouth.

Natural teeth have a periodontal joint that works as a damper between the dental root and the bones when chewing, and since the implants lack such a joint, it is vital that when the mouth is closed there is a perfect balance, so the implants don’t receive unnecessary stress.

Tartarand plaque must be controlled

Due to periodontal illness, a lot of people have to have implants put in place. Their new teeth can still have both tartar and plaque, much like the original teeth, and that’s precisely why you must protect your gums with a strict oral hygiene routine and frequent check-ups at the clinic.

At the dental clinic Clínica Dental Adalia, we suggest a programme of visits that depends strictly on the complexity of the restoration and the patient’s oral health.

A person who has not taken care of their dental health and has lost a tooth as a consequence must be mentally prepared to change their habits; otherwise we wouldn’t recommend restoring their mouths with implants.

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