Zirconium in dental aesthetics

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The time has come and the idea of dental aesthetics is now a reality

With the huge advances that have been made in the field of implantology, never before has it been so fascinating to be a dentist. Now, as modern dentistry professionals, we have all the solutions we need to enable our patients to be healthy and happy.

The discovery of genuinely bio-compatible materials means we can create artificial dental roots that will stay anchored forever, and we can offer our patients a normal everyday life without problems for a long time.

Using porcelain is easy. It can be used in most clinical procedures, with implants or with crowns and traditional veneers, and provides a nice balance between opacity and translucency.

The combined use of zirconium and porcelain offers multiple options for metal-free prostheses, achieving high aesthetic results due to their excellent physical and optical properties, as well as their biocompatible integration with the surrounding tissue. In short, this is the best choice for any case of restoration work in the mouth, as it combines both beauty and resistance.

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