Zirconium or the secret of the perfect smile

Apr 26, 2017 | Press | 0 comments

In March 2015 Doctor Elena Adalia Offered us this article in the Canarias7 Magazine about zirconium.

Nowadays we all want to have a perfect set of teeth, a big smile that can help us share our feelings; this is now possible thanks to the great advances in the field of implantology; among these advances are those in the use of zirconium.

In the dental clinic Clínica Dental Adalia we have all kinds of solutions, so our patients can achieve their best smile.

The media exercises great influence on what kind of facial features we consider attractive. Currently, society has created an almost generic canon of beauty that we take as our point of reference.

Now, as modern dentistry professionals, we have all the solutions we need to enable our patients to achieve excellence in both functionality and aesthetics, so they can be healthy and happy. Never before has it been so fascinating to be a dentist.

Some of these advances are based on the discovery of bio-compatible materials that allow artificial teeth to be anchored forever. That’s how we can offer our patients a perfect smile for a very long time. These bio-compatible materials are a combination of zirconium and porcelain, a combination that offers a wide range of options for metal-free dental prostheses. These materials provide a great appearance, thanks to their physical and visual properties.

Porcelain provides the perfect balance between opacity, translucency, colour, shape, and texture in such a way that light is reflected completely naturally, meaning that the teeth are that special realistic colour. And the zirconium provides the bio-compatibility that is needed, as well as being wonderfully hard and strong.

Zirconium or the secret of the perfect smile

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Elena Adalia

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